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  • Ryan Kauper

  • John Butchko


  • Anjali Mishra

  • Michael Planich


  • Wilson Blomberg

  • Will Meyer

  • Thomas Higley

  • Mitchell Taylor

  • Erin Yang

  • Danielle Hinchman-Dominguez


  • Cameron Kell

  • Molly Kubesh

  • Cecelia Plaehn

  • Dillon Polito

  • Ragul Yuvaraji


  • Sarah Small

  • Amanda Goodwin

  • Anissa Zimmerman

  • Maddie Janke


  • Christy Crigler

  • Mitchell Waters

  • Cooper Nagaki

  • Braden Olsen


  • Lukas Foster

  • Katie Mattson

  • Zach Roesch


  • Kailynn Phillips

  • Daniel VanDerhoef

  • Matt Dummer

  • Dan Adam

  • Jimmy Kuhn 


  • Drew Zilavy

  • Nathan Dewy


  • Patrick O'Connor

  • Ashlee Commeree

  • Chris Welander


  • Vignesh Palaniappan

  • Lindsey Williams

  • Chris Pederson

  • Amy Loreen

  • Tim Evans


  • Nate Barusch

  • Sarah Forrest

  • Katie Riddle

  • Dan Slubowski


  • Ryan Hoel

  • Erik Frandsen


  • Adam Pendleton

  • Bob Edmonds

  • Kate Forrester (nee Tepper)

  • Mike Larson


  • Matthew Prok

  • Christina Rea-McCord

  • Natalie Braun

  • John Daly

  • Kelly Mrachek

  • Andrea Schliesman


  • Rebecca House

  • Mark Hsiao


  • Patrick Allison

  • Kim Truong

  • Eric Davies

  • Andrew Manolides

  • Aaron Pannier


  • Dennis Thiel

  • Mike Anderson

  • Sara Brumbach

  • Laura Cudzilo

  • Katie Enemark

  • Gabe Harris

  • Eric Peeples

  • JD Welander


  • Andy Cleary

  • Willa Crosby

  • Brian Nagao


  • Doug Forgit


  • Lawrence John Andreini

  • Angelo Anthony Bacigalupo

  • Lawrence Albert Biagini

  • Thomas Leo Bodensteiner

  • Lowell Jerome Brown

  • Donald Francis Buckley

  • Robert Francis Carretta

  • William Charles Carroll

  • Stephen Andrew Cech

  • John Charles Chatel

  • Albert Franklin De Ranieri

  • George Struby Graham

  • Robert Joseph Henning

  • Yoshimi Robert Kagawa

  • Daniel Mitchell Kelly

  • Thomas Richard Kruzich

  • Nelson F. Leone

  • Thomas Donald Maher

  • Kenneth Robert Mattheis

  • Frank Edward McDermott

  • Richard Dominick Milone

  • Marius Henry Panzarella

In our continuing attempts to re-connect with alumni, we have been unable to reach some people. We are therefore asking for your help to try to locate some of the alumni that have fallen off of our map. Please look at the era in which you were a member (organized by graduation years), and see if there is anyone on the list who you still are in contact with and urge them to get a hold of us. Please send any information that you may have to share about any of these members to us via the contact form.

2023 Match
  • Molly Kubesh - Children's Mercy Kansas City

  • Cameron Kell - Southern Illinois University

  • Cecelia Plaehn - Boston Medical Center

  • Ragul Yuvaraji - Creighton University Phoenix

  • Dillon Polito - Ventura County CMHS 

2022 Match 
  • Mitch Waters - Maimonides Medical Center

  • Christy Crigler - University of Arizona Tucson

  • Brittney Dymm - University of Nebraska Medical Center 

2021 Match
  • Cooper Nagaki - Harbor-UCLA Medical Center

  • Braden Olsen - Nicklaus Children's Hospital

2020 Match
  • Lukas Foster - Cedars Sinai

  • Zach Roesch - University of Texas Southwestern

  • Katie Mattson - University of Minnesota 

2019 Match
  • Kailynn Phillips - Loyola University Medical Center 

  • Dan Adam - Rush University Medical Center

  • Matt Dummer - Regions Hospital at St. Paul, Minnesota 

  • Daniel Vanderhoef - University of Minnesota 

  • Jimmy Kuhn - Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, El Paso

2018 Match
  • Drew Zilavy - University of New Mexico

  • Nathan Dewey - Carilion Clinic at Roanoke, Virginia

2017 Match
  • Ashelee Commeree - Naval Medical Center Portsmith

  • Patrick O’Connor - Hennepin County Medical Center

  • Christopher Welander - University of Iowa

Alumni Comments


I'm a '59 graduate, and was presiding senior that year." - Joseph S. Lawton, MD


"We were in the group who moved from 33rd Street across from Mutual of Omaha and bought the building on Dewey. We had planned to build a 20-30 individual room place just north of the 'new' med complex but interest rates increased .25% and wiped out our plans :(." - John Rixon, MD


"We had a tradition during our time there that revolved around the concept of the 'bro box'. Anybody heard of this currently?" - Ray Matthews, MD

"I lived at Phi Chi as a freshman in 1976-77. My daughter, Anne Haugen, will join the class of 2010 this Fall. She will start med school exactly 30 yrs after I did. 
I had a great time there. It was the late 70's. Picture the basement in full disco mode"  - Steve Haugen, MD


"I graduated from Creighton Med in 1970. I lived my first two years at Phi Chi across from Mutual of Omaha on S. 33rd. I was also involved in selecting the current house from among many. " - Ray Fitzgerald, MD 


"Lived at Phi Chi 95-99. I painted the house exterior the cream color in 96 for free rent, still looks pretty good. Also built the bar in the basement and chopped down about 50 trees that were in the yard. Homeless people used to live in the trees in the yard, almost on a daily basis. Good years there, we had a good relationship with the UNMC Phi Chi down the street as well." - Jeffrey Burock, MD


"I lived there from 1999 to 2002. I lived in the annex for all three years that I was there, and had a great time. One of the things that I remember most is that the upstairs rooms, where I stayed, had this busted out window. Of course, we didn't have a lot of disposable cash, so during the winters to conserve on heat, we would put up plastic over the windows. So during the winder months, all I had was the piece of plastic between me and the Omaha winters. Mornings were very interesting, let me tell you.” - Robert Gould, MD

"I'm glad to see that you all are trying to keep the house well and to restart/continue the alumni page. I graduated in 2002 and was the house president for three years. It's hard to believe I'll be graduating residency in another 6 months. Beth lives only three blocks from me and I see her often at the hospital. She is doing well, if you haven't heard from her. Intern year is tough. Continue taking care of the house and its traditions so that it may be passed on." - Melissa Chiasson, MD

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